Best QLED TV In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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OnePlus 55 inches Q1 Series 4K QLED TVCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
OnePlus 55 inches Q1 Series 4K 55Q1IN Pro QLED TVCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

For the years now Samsung and some few other companies come up with QLED TV units. From the QLED we are familiar with LED that means Light Emitting Diode. Majority of the companies uses the lighting system in LED/LCD TV. Here the new term is QLED which means Quantum Dot. These dots provide different ways to create the colour rather than the usual inefficient and limited combination of white LEDs and colour filters.

This is the advanced version of Smart Technology LED Smart TV. In this article, you get the top 10 QLED TV. There is also provide the buying guides for choosing the perfect QLED TV.

Top 10 QLED TVs In India 2020

 QLED TVSound OutputRefresh Rate
OnePlus 55Q1IN-150 Watts480 Hertz
OnePlus 55Q1IN Pro50 Watts480 Hertz
Samsung QA55Q60RAKXXL20 Watts120 Hertz
Samsung QA65Q6FNAK40 Watts120 Hertz
Samsung QA65Q60RAKXXL20 Watts120 Hertz

Which are the 10 Best QLED TV in India 2020?

1. OnePlus 138.8-cm (55 inches) Q1 Series 4K Certified Android QLED TV 55Q1IN-1


OnePlus allow you to download and watch the content from built-in Chromecast. Its sleek remote includes few buttons. It has the option for the headphone speaker output port. Further, it involves the 4 HDMI ports and 3 USB slots. The USB Type-C is a smaller reversible connector that delivers the power and transfers the data. It contains one Ethernet socket that connects the unit to the Internet. For storing the data, you get the 3 GB size of RAM on this TV.

It has an A+ grade standard display that has least imperfections. This gadget offers the 4 K resolution with 3840×2160 pixels. Besides, it supports the HDR 4K content with Dolby Vision Atmos. It improves the detail of the image and places the video material in the proper spectrum. You can watch the TV from all corner as it has 178 degrees of horizontal and vertical viewing angle. Its screen gives more crisp and sharper images. Gamma Colour Magic presents the mesmeric photos reproduction.

In terms of image format, it supports BMP, PNG, JPEG, and for media format, it bears the AVI, WMA, MPEG style. This product mounted on the wall. OnePlus model drives on the Android platform, so it will bring new exciting viewing experiences. It contain android based services like google play store, Amazon Prime Video.


The audio output comes from a different set of tools like Alluring Sound, Dolby Atmos, Full range 2 Speaker, 2 Sub-woofer. It supported many audio formats like AMR, AAC, AC/E-AC3, DTS, MP3, WAV, FLAC, AC4. The 50-watt output of audio fills the space with better volume. The operating distance for this Quantum LED TV is 15 feet. In this way, it would never create an impact on your eyes.

The Good

  • Miracast Mirroring Support.
  • Smart Control Features.
  • Smart Auto Volume Leveller.
  • Single Band support.
  • Google Play Store.

The Bad

  • No Touch Control Present.

What’s the bottom line?

OnePlus 55-inch Smart QLED TV consumes less power with surprising colour intensity.

2. OnePlus 138.8-cm (55 inches) Q1 Series 4K Certified Android QLED TV 55Q1IN Pro


This is the great QLED Display TV that contains the 3 GB of RAM and 16 GB storage. It drives on the Android Pie(9) for running the whole unit. And makes the unit possible for a user to access and control advanced features. It has the excels in terms of reproduction of color with a high level of contrast while watching a different kind of content that includes the 4k resolution, HDR10+. It delivers a fantastic color intensity and picture brightness. Oxygen play has VOD Selection so you can choose the content quality as per your need.

The display of this model includes 120% of NTSC gamut range. It covers the whole spectrum, and bezel-free design makes it more eye-grabbing and thin. Moreover, it holds the video formats, for instance, HDR10,HDR10+, HLG decode, Dolby vision certification, Most holistic experience. You can operate from your phone via OnePlus Connect Mobile Syns and Control.

The motion rate of the screen is 480 Hertz with 4K ultra HD resolution feature. It inherent two speakers with Smart Audio feature. You can control the audio by auto volume balancer.

With the aid of screencasting, you can open your phone on the big screen size and control your smart home devices from a single small gadget. Its A53*4 has four cores with L1 memory system and shared L2 cache.

Features You Get

It includes top smart features like in-built WiFi, Google Assistant. It really reduces your physical effort. And work on AI technology. For hardware interface connection, it brings the 4 HDMI and 3 USB slots. Indeed, these ports connect the TV to Dish box or gaming consoles. With 120% of NTSC colour range, it avoids the whole noise while producing the image motion. It gives the single detail of colour and scale factor of the video, picture.

The lightweight design fit anywhere and doesn’t add clutter to the living space. It’s sliding soundbar is best for a ceremonial start for home theatre. This bezel-less unit provides 95.7% screen to body ratio for the immersive viewing actions and doesn’t effect with the background. The superior quality of the material embraces endurance.

The Good

  • Rechargeable Remote.
  • Vivid colour bright screen.
  • It has a fantastic quality of the soundbar.
  • Social Media Integration.

The Bad

  • Poor upscaling for SD content.
  • No Bluetooth or NFC port.

What’s the bottom line?

OnePlus 55 inches Pro QLED TV comes in slim size.

3. Samsung 138-cm (55 Inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV QA55Q60RAKXXL


With 4 HDMI ports, you can connect with dish-box, gaming console and Blue Ray player you don’t need to plug in out again and again as it has 4 ports. Use it two USB slots for getting the data from pen drives and hard drives. You can obtain a lot of content from the vast Blu-Ray storage Player due to its maximum capacity of storage.

The blend of Q7F and 4K UHD picture quality raises the level of the viewing experience. As the Samsung model of QLED has Q colour technology enabled so that, you can watch and explore more than billions of colour when the switch turns on. Q-Contrast System reveals every hidden and intrinsic detail in the picture that you see, despite the lighting of the room that you are inside.

Q HDR 10+ aids you relish the details on our television like never before, due to maximum optimization in terms of colour, features and contrast and others. The ever-energetic Q Engine technology by Samsung that doesn’t wear out quickly. It offers you the flexibility to set to Ambient Mode whenever you want. Apart from it, the 360 degrees design to provide a theatre-like experience.

AI Up-scaling helps in reducing the image distortion while restoring the lost colours and sharpening the edges around objects and text on the screen. Hence, you get brilliant content on the screen every time. The Quantum 4K processor optimizes viewing condition and content, thereby improving the overall performance of the TV.

Ambient Mode

Samsung QLED TVs come with a unique ambient method where you can say goodbye to the usual black screens. This mode converts the black screen into a beautiful design of canvas. Quantum HDR 4X technique analyzes each scene and arranges the light according to the atmosphere to express the different view of every moment.

This unit can turn into a Personal Computer when you have a work call. You complete your unfinished task remotely, and all this thing happen by mirroring. For the entertainment purpose, it switches your TV into a virtual Music System. It has 3 different colour that makes the look and beats better. Another benefit of Samsung is the amenity to use Bixby, the intelligent assistant to interact with the TV more meaningfully.

The Good

  • Theatre like experience.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Smart TVs with many intelligent apps.
  • Durable processor.
  • 1-year of the extensive warranty.

The Bad

  • Remote works only up to 10 feet distance.

What’s the bottom line?

Samsung 55 inches QLED TV has a smart feature that blends with each other and offers brilliant performance.

4. Samsung 163-cm (65 Inches) Q Series 4K Ultra HD QLED Smart TV QA65Q6FNAK


Enjoy your favourite movies and shows with the Q colour that releases the realistic, accurate and vibrant colour. It presents the complex moving scene like that you are in action all the things seem real. In addition to this, the Q contrast finds the hidden details in the dark mode, and you enjoy the undisturbed entertainment. This Quantum colour Contrast gives the full aspect of tiny complex content with the all lightning room.

With the HDR 10+, it contains the wider range of brightness and contrast of Q HDR Elite. It allows us to watch from the director’s eyes. You have never experienced these details before in the bright and dark mode scenes. The full screen presents more content to enjoy the fast and broader feeling screen. Its clean and minimal 360 degrees design focus on your eyes so that you never miss the scene from loved videos.

Life Span of the QLED

The life span of the QLED is extended, its display doesn’t burn out with time. The amazing colour and detail you see stay for a longer period. It made for last due to inorganic quantum dots. The Q6F can elevate the viewing actions with its refined and stylish looks. It arrives with clean cable design at its backside that keeps the wire hide.

Now you can break the old norms of a black screen. This new advance version of the LED screen that embellishes the look of the interior. You turn your space into a personal gallery by displaying the photos from the mobile phones and call this process as Ambient Photo Mode. Similarly, Ambient music mode provides the Voice Command or from your phone with connected Bluetooth.

It has a single hub to control the function with this unique device. You can achieve entertainment faster and easier with the intelligent method. It offers you to search less and watch more option and you never enjoying TV s been this way before. The Smart TV into Hub for smart Home Appliances. As it lets you interact and monitor the Smart House Gadgets.

The Good

  • Its Artistic Mode is unique.
  • Uses the Tizen CPU that is fast and easy to use.
  • Tremendous Ports.

The Bad

  • Picture quality could be better.
  • Audio output requires improvement.

What’s the bottom line?

Samsung Q series 65 inch Smart QLED TV appears with smart functions that make the sync between devices. You can take the benefit from Samsung Cloud.

5. Samsung 163-cm (65 Inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV QA65Q60RAKXXL


The 4K Ultra HD screen has a refresh rate of 120 Hertz. Besides, it comes with 4 HDMI and 3 USB ports. These slots will give access to run the set-top box and Blue Ray Players. Smart TVs bring many smart featured applications. It uses the LED Display type. For this screen, the maximum operating distance is 10 feet that would never harm the eyes.

This model of Samsung operated on the Tizen operating system. It is Linux based that promising to access the redesigned interface with better access to content. It provides a simple sharing mode between TV and phone. Along with this, it displays indulge many smart features such as Eco Sensor, HDR, Micro Dimming.

New QLED functions with the Google Assistant to make life easier. You can change channels, adjust the volume, control playback and more with just your voice. With AirPlay 2 built-in, you can stream and share content from Apple gadgets to the big screen. Play videos, music, photos and more from the iPhone, iPad and Mac on your QLED without any effort.

Ease to Use

It makes everything easy. Smart Core and One Remote QLED get even smarter with Smart Hub and Samsung One Remote. They place all the content you demand right at your fingertips, from your set-top box to game console, apps, and live TV. All you need is one.

The video format supported by this unit are MKV, MOV, MP4, MPEG, MPEG-4, and the image format that it can hold is JPEG. In terms of audio, it supports the AC3 Dolby digital sound, MP3. It integrated with two speakers, and alone Speaker has 10 Watt result output that offers the overall production is 20 Watt. In fact, it has Auto Volume Leveller that set the level of Sound as per the environment.

The Good

  • Two Way Sharing.
  • Live Streaming.
  • Intelligent mode of colour adjustment.
  • Home Cloud Data storage.
  • AI upscaling the content.

The Bad

  • No Universal Control Present.
  • There is no NFC port.

What’s the bottom line?

Samsung 65 inches QLED TV arrives with a vast range of the colour spectrum that covers every single detail without noise.

How To Choose The Best QLED TV?

Smart TVs, 4K, OLED TVs, and QLED there are many types of television. The TV world upgrading day by day. If you are intent on gaming, watching movies and series from steaming apps, then choose a Smart TV.

The big difference between both QLED or OLED TVs from LED TVs is that they are expensive but the visual quality is extraordinarily fabulous. I think buying a new TV can be an exciting and still confusing task. The below factors will help you in choosing the best product.

Screen Size

Before getting to know about the size of the screen, first, decide the location where you want to install the TV. The big screen is the prominent option when it fits into your budget as it provides an immersive view that you never want to miss. The final call always made after checking the watching distance from the screen. Otherwise, it would create a large effect on the eyes.

Screen Type

The plasma TVs are outdated in today’s trend. On the other hand, the LCDs still find in some budget options. Meanwhile, the LED, OLED and QLED offer the best viewing practices. Simply, the type of display describes the factors like glare, contrast, and viewing angles.

Move into more deep in tech specs, these displays vary in the backlighting options. In LCD TVs in India, CCFLs use as the light source while in LED TVs the array of LEDs use to light up the display. These can be placed in the form of a full matrix array, or it can align in the different pattern like edges of the screen.

Another considering thing is that the best LED provides the facility of local dimming. The dimming portion gives a better contrast ratio. OLED is the Organic Light-emitting Diode screens that consist of tremendous OLEDs. These OLEDs light up when current passes through them. The single OLED works as a one-pixel, and it turns on-off alone. These have better black levels and contrast ratio when compare to the best LEDs.

QLED Screen Type stands for Quantum dot LED that gives superior brightness with the range of colour. In the aspect of dark levels, viewing angles OLED better. But as a point of brightness and colour QLED is the best option.

Screen Resolution

Resolution explains the number of pixels needs to make the picture on a screen. If the pixels are in more amount, then it will give the sharper image with fine details, so higher resolution is the best decision.

The full HD fits as a standard type of TV for a long time. Still it the common resolution. The producers introduce a new model with an advance level of pixels amount. They produce the ultra HD sets known as 4K and have four times more number of pixels than the HDTV. These 4K television have the biggest benefit that the small objects on the screen has more details.

With the advancements in technology, in the market, you find the 8K TVs. These products displays have quadruple the resolution of 4K sets that offer huge forward in picture quality.

Refresh Rate

It is measured in Hertz and describes how many times a picture refreshes on a screen per second. The standard refreshing rate is 60 Hertz (Hz). In the fast-moving scene, the 60 Hz refresh rate can make the object blurry. For creating a more solid image, it requires to increase the refresh rate.

HDMI & Connections

In the action of buying TV do ensure the pay attention to the number of ports the system has. These slots can be used in several ways such as adding a Chrome-cast, sound source and gaming console. HDMI 2.0 carry out and handle the 4K quality content, whereas HDMI 2.1 takes and delivers the 8K content.

Along with the HDMI, check the USB ports too. Here, you can implant the pen drives, dongles, hard disc, and so many other USB drives.

Smart Features

There is some factor that you should consider while selecting your perfect smart TV. To conclude, your TV must have high speed, a plethora of multimedia options, browsing services and seamless user experience.

Operating System: The OS of the device should be fast, not complicated and supports a wide range of apps. So that you can browse and do other online stuff.

Sony uses an android OS, and the most cooling factor of these devices is that they have a Google Assistant for verbal controls. The leading benefit od Android OS, the other android based devices can connect to your TV and manages the task.

WebOS featured in the LG devices. It is simple to operate and has a user-friendly interface. It has excellent response and speed rate. Like other TV, for oral control, it uses the Google Assistant and Alexa enable on it. You may find some lacking apps. It wouldn’t give access to all the services.

Smart HUB and Tizen OS you find in Samsung LED TV, it gives a lot of shortcuts, apps or icons. It is easy to navigate and comfortable layout. Similarly, this OS-based LED TV has access only a few services, not all.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Screen Burn?

In the case of LED TV, the screen burn is less in number. But this thing would happen in Plasma TVs. The screen seems like a ghost image or discolouration of the area on an electronic display.

Is QLED better than 4K TV?

In terms of resolution, 4K brings only standard HDR content, and the QLED arrives with better benefits of resolution and colour. It provides the one-step-ahead from 4K TV. As it offers the HDR 4x resolution.

What is Black Level on TV?

The blackish level defines the extent of brightness in the darkest part of a visual image. Another way to describe these terms is the brightness level at which no light emitted from the screen. Its voltage level varies along with the different television standards.

Does backlight effects picture quality?

There are few settings available on the Tv that can make the picture look better or worse. But which best setting fits the TV that depends on your TV and what are watching. Backlight changes the brightness level of your TV.

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